Friday, August 21, 2009

Tuition Free Week

Happy Holiday!
im gonna be relaxed!
(for 2 days)

Well, My housemate very stress. and he sent this message to me...

Cou Cou = Yeap Lai Cou = Yeap Lai Kee's Sister. OMG!
Not fair. cz most of us bz prepare for the chemistry test and he enjoy playing in KK. ish

Neways, i accidentally TERupload this picture.
From sylvester,
But we need skill, not luck in exam. so i x manage to pass although sylvester and ah bee they all wished me. hahaha. But its okay.

I miss Chan Sze Hwee.
Really miss her.
I, Sim Hui Hung, promise to be Chan Sze Hwee's bestfriend forever, and ever.

Eye on Malaysia. i Love

My girls, I love.

My Honey, I heart.
and My Love, Donut
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