Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Respect and Relax

My life is nothing but,


And study
LoL. Kononya. but i am still very lazy.
Geology is not easy. who says geology is easy, i am going to kill him/her. i am going to be zombie soon. sigh. average, 3 tests/quizes in a week.
Yet, i still have enough time to play with my friends, tease my little lily,
hide my housemate's blanket everynight, poke vincey's horny face, kick edwin's sexy ass, kick how min's camry,and leslie's kelisa, step on simzhe's shoes and pull Jim's sexy shirt.

I miss THEM!
Cute foo foo, and my PD family. i miss u guys.
And my cinta tiga segi friends. Kong Shu Ling and Low Man Huan.

I miss Ball Ball and ivan tonight


Yadayada said...

ur da one who told me dat geology is easy...

HuiFen said...

hahaha. not easy. not easy. very hard. very very hard. i feel like dying.