Thursday, March 1, 2012

28 days @ Middle east

HuiFeNn says: Coming Home, i'm coming home, tell the world i am coming home.....

Dear Friends and Readers,
I've abandoned my bloggie for years. LOL!
a small update, from me, from a place, far away from my hometown,
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.
for training purpose.

As mentioned in previous post,
I've got a job.
I work as a trainee mud logger, in an oil service company,
It is a Schlumberger company, and due to their dunno-what-policy,
the 9 trainees from malaysia, were sent to Schlumberger Middle East and Asia Training Center for one month.

In this month,
we 'evolved' from strangers to good friends,
from analyzing beautiful rock from outcrop, to ugly cuttings from well.
seen the tallest tower, the biggest fountain, rode the fastest roller coaster,
went to (the outside) of the world most luxury hotel....

Will update again soon about my experience here.


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