Saturday, December 10, 2011

LiFe after Uni

HuiFeNn says: i heart the 3 little princesses in my house... love them deep deep.

Dear Friends,
i am officially jobless now,
i am officially moved out from my hostel,
i am officially a mummy girl right now.

job hunting is tiring, will talk more a bout it sooner or later...
moving out from the hostel, is really, sigh, i feel so heartache,
cleaning the house,
taking off the house,
sweeping the house,,
it feels like i am sweeping off my memories,
i am so sad,
i miss both of my housemates,
they were just too great.
After moved out from the hostel,
i feel like,
i've no where to hide when i am feeling down,

Will have a TRIP marathon next week.
think about it,
make me excited, but zzz.
i will go to KL on 12/12 for an interview,
back from kl on 14/12
15/12 will Brunei career fair,
16/12 will back to my second hometown, Kota Kinabalu.

I've staying together with Maffin, the white ball few weeks,
I cannot imagine, the day when i need to return her to her mummy...
but i really hope that her mummy can bring her back soon,
the feeling of missing ur own pet is really, sucks..
Like, i miss my pappi during my summer holiday.

I am not going to talk more about the job interview,
i hope i can get the job,
as this is probably one of my dream job/dream company,
when i was still in uni.
pray hard
not only that,
i hope my another 3 friends, or maybe more
will get the same offer as well.
we gonna meet at the rig (Gorby, 2011).

Damn, i miss my uni life.
i miss everyone,

To Mr Leslie Chong Wei Seng,
please do ur best during the interview,
i've faith in u.
jia you!

To Mr. Chung How Min,
please study together.
and Happy belated Birthday,
treat u makan when i meet u.

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