Saturday, March 5, 2011

a confession

HuiFeNn says: More Holiday Please!

Oh My God! Gray. erm
i gotta agree with wad the dangerous and poisonous girl XD say. remain neutral.
Erm, sometime's i don't know what's my problem.
Nobody is perfect.

Okay, i admit.
i think i know my mistakes.
but know what?
I never forget those memories we had together.

There's no right or wrong.
I cannot say that i am 100% right. cz i admit...
sometimes i am like a machine gun. non stop shotting.
but i cannot say that you're right as well.
can't produce any sound when you're clapping with one hand right.

Ok. my confession.
i ever angry another person for some stupid childish reason.
but now...
i already know my mistakes.
and i tried to be good with her.
and she gives me positive feedback.
and being forgiving
so we're still good now.
and i love her. lots.

do you know the feeling of when you're trying to talk with someone...
then that person like..
oo... mm... ok...
how do u feel?

the last year of my uni life.
i appreciate these 3 years. loadz.
i want it to be a perfect memories!

i cannot force someone to forgive me or anything.
i sincerely apologize.
i am sorry.


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