Friday, December 17, 2010


Disgusting. eww. tak suka tak suka.
internship not that bored anymore. haha.
not only playing with binding machine and a quite high technology photocopier.. =.='''
dun play play lor. the photocopier can multitasking one. hahahaha.

gained something from the internship.
i mean, at least now i feel like i am learning something.
playing with microsoft excel, pdf converter and also microsoft words. LOL.
we learn how calculate number of boreholes when they're giving u a certain target and depth.
someone derived his own formula somemore. lol.
lol. we learn how do the summary of the boreholes log and the SPT for the soil.
lol. i also know how to curi tulang. hahahahahahahaha.
nah. at least we're not wasting the 3 month holiday. haha.

bah. life's good.

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