Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How much do you worth?

i think today is my happiest day for this year.
3 months holiday, here i come!
Don't wanna think about magma, rocks, mineral, lava, tectonics for THREE FREAKING MONTHS.
But I've internship......

I can't wait to go back to Kota Kinabalu.
a lot of things happened during these few weeks.
my sister wedding ceremony on this Sunday.
Mummy busy preparing for the wedding.

and i've been asking myself.
how much do you worth?

Future Brother in Law brought those stuff to my house as engagement.
and with an angpau...
when my parents opened the angpau,
i questioned myself...
is the amount inside represents how much do my sister worth?

i don't know....
i've no idea.............

Another question....
what do marriage mean to you?

If only marriage had autocorrect (Steve Jobs, 2010)

read this from Steve Jobs twitter, and i seriously LOLed.
when i was a little girl,
i thought that marriage is something like...
i love u... u love me...
and we kahwin. and i will spent the rest of my life with you. that's all. simple.

but now... my point of view towards marriage has changed.
marriage is no longer a simple thing.
for me at least.

it involves two families instead of 2 humans.
sometimes, even if i love you,
but your parents hate me like shit,
i am pretty sure that.....
the game will be over.

My mum, when she was around my age, she already carried 2 sons and a daughter.
and i am still an innocent young girl. kononnya.
and i don't even know how to love and to be loved.

So, it's not easy to get someone that you love, and at the same time, ur family accept him/her.
so, i am here to wish my sis........

whatever. i know this is a lamp post, opps, i mean lame post. lol.
whatever. i am bored.

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