Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so what if i love Jay Chou?

Update: oh ya. i miss two of my kl friends suddenly.
I sms them. but sik kena layan.

I am very happy.
as i can FINALLY online at kk!
LOL! i don't need to pay rm2 per hour in cc.

and also my housemate's modem!
love both of them to the MAX!

OK! i am going to blog about Jay Chou....
Err. ok. i admit. i am 'jay chou's freak'.
I love him.
<---------------------------------------------> this much.

honestly, i think i love him just because of his music.
although housemate and nephew always say that his music ''balik balik sama sahaja''
but i dunno why.
i still like.
lol. tell me.
how can u say that ''chao ren bu hui fei'' is not nice?
how can u say that ''shuo le zai jian'' is not nice?
NO! HELL! they are nice to the max.

how can u say this is not nice? F*ck u!

ok. well. talk about this semester.
surprisingly, I've been staying in the same house with my housemate for a year. already.
hell. i respect myself. respect him as well.
mum says that me and him = the most untidy human in the world.

LoL. hello. we're students. what do u expect?
our house clean like 5 stars hotel meh?

i love hills.
i love beach.
and i really love sunrise and sunset.
but i hate rocks and lecture slides
Picture taken by Yeap Lai Kee, N97

how do i live without them???????
hey. someone. please accompany me to watch sunset, and sunrise.

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