Friday, July 24, 2009


Can a 2 years of friendship be ended in less than 10 minutes of conversation?
If it does, is this a real friendship?
we had so much memories
we faced the same problem, we knew each other the most.
I am the only one that understand you the most,
the only one that know how to comfort you,
i know you know what i want to say.
we both have the same experiences. No matter in family problems, or education problems.
But, i still cannot understand...
What is friend? Define friend?
If you ask me what is true friend, i really dunno how to define. but i will give u example.
he is always available whenever i need him. His jokes never fails to make me laugh.
this is 9 years of friendship. He tease me, i tease him. no problem.
Maybe because i RESPECT him.
for the 2 years of friendship, i know what is the problem.
Well, actually very simple.
Just that i do not know how to respect.
thats why i dont deserve a friend like him.
If this is my fault, i apologize. and i am sincere
and all the memories flashed back.
A question pop out on my head.
"How true are those laughters, those tears we used to share together, those memories we had together?"
I dunno. i really dunno.
I am emo now. and i know, i emo because i care.

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